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Please Keep your NID & Mobile phone, Nominee's NID
and Photo with you while filling up this form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

for IIDFC Securities Limited Account Opening

A Resident Bangladeshi or Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) having NID/Smart ID card can open a digital BO Account.
You will need to input your mobile number and email ID at the starting of the account opening. After mobile number and email ID verification, you need to provide your NID information, some necessary personal and account-related information.
To enable digital banking, you have to input email address at contact information and check digital banking at additional service To open a BO account, you need a recent passport size photograph of yours and the Nominee, National ID card of both yours and the Nominee, a copy of your bank checkbook leaf. TIN (Taxpayer Identity Number) is not mandatory.
After the final submission of your information, you will get a tracking number on the screen and get a confirmation email. Besides you can call on 16647 for more details.
Only BDT 500 is required to open a BO Account with IIDFC Securities Limited.
It just required a day to open an account. After getting confirmation, you can deposit your fund and start your trading but keep in mind that the fund should be cleared.
Several ways are open to deposit funds. Just choose from the below list:
Transfer funds from your Internet Banking portal to BESL provided Bank account. After the transfer, just email/upload the scanned acknowledgment receipt to your IIDFC Securities Limited.
Deposit a cheque to BESL designated bank account and upload the slip to your BESL IIDFC Securities Limited.
Make payment through the bKash app and Send Transaction ID to your BESL IIDFC Securities Limited.
Payment through EFTN/BEFTN/NPSB/RTGS in the following account: Account Name: IIDFC Securities Limited. Account No: 01 7503024 02 Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank Branch Name: Motijheel Routing No: 215274247 Account Name: IIDFC Securities Limited. Account No: 1501201363499001 Bank Name: IIFDC Bank Limited Branch Name: IIFDC Bank Limited Routing No: 060261726 Account Name: IIDFC Securities Limited. Account No: 3101063886001 Bank Name: The City Bank Limited Branch Name: Gulshan Avenue Routing No: 225261732 Deposit through bKash *Settlement Fee Applies. Select �Make Payment� option bKash No: 01730358006 (Make Payment) Fee: Tk. 507 Reference: Your Name Counter no: 01